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Lesson 1. Let’s Go Green Shopping Vocab Check-up Enormous Look through In perfect condition Wasteful Conserve Precious Ad Eco-friendly Huge, large in.

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2 Lesson 1. Let’s Go Green Shopping

3 Vocab Check-up Enormous Look through In perfect condition Wasteful Conserve Precious Ad Eco-friendly Huge, large in size Look for sth among~ In a very good physical state Using something carelessly Save, use very little Very important and valuable An advertisement Not harmful to the environment

4 P. 14 Find the answers to the below questions. 1. What did the writer get last week? 2. What did it turn out to be? 3. Why was the package delivered like this? 4. What was the reason why the writer look for ‘Green Shopping?’

5 Vocab Check-up Throw away Break the habit Subscribe to Incredible Disposable Reusable Fabric Logo Nonprofit Get rid of something Stop a pattern of doing sth~ Pay money to receive copies of~ Great to be believed Designed to be used once Capable of using more than once Any cloth made from fibers A small design representing a company Not in business for making money

6 Comprehension Questions First Ad (p. 15) 1. What does the habit refer to? 2. Why should we read e-magazines instead of paper magazines? 3. What are other benefits of e-magazines? Second Ad (p. 15) 1. What do they sell at the online store? 2. What can we choose and add while selecting? 3. What are two benefits of making own shopping bag?

7 Vocab Check-up Lie around Free from Recycle Be amazed by Free of charge Fair Around the corner Organic Reasonable Participate in Have been left somewhere Without; not influenced by ~ Clean, change or process waste to be used again Feel shocked, very surprised At no cost Event displaying or selling goods Coming very soon Grown naturally without the use of chemicals Sensible, fair; not too expensive Take part in or be involved in ~

8 Comprehension Questions Third Ad (p. 16) How does this ad help keep the earth free from waste? Forth Ad (p. 16) What are the aims of advertisement? Fifth Ad (p. 17) What kinds of things might you see at the fair?

9 p. 26 Review A. Try to find the answer and to complete the blanks with given words.

10 Take a look at other ads and try to find the aims and benefits of the advertised items.





15 30. Children’s Sports Camp 에 관한 다음 안내문의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은 ? (2014 년 고 1 3 월 학력평가 ) CHILDREN’S SPORTS CAMP June 9-August 22 Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. (Late pick­up is possible.) We offer a fun and safe sports camp for boys and girls aged 7-12. Children will have good chances to develop their body and mind. Camp sports activities include: SwimmingSoccerBadmintonBasketballTennisKids Aerobics Fee:$138 for a week, $32 for a day (Come any number of days!) Each child should bring a swim suit and a packed lunch with a drink. Registration must be made 24 hours in advance. For more information, visit or call 543-888-9999. ① 오전 9 시부터 오후 4 시까지 진행된다. ② 7 세부터 12 세까지의 아이들을 대상으로 한다. ③ 여섯 가지 스포츠 활동이 포함되어 있다. ④ 참가비는 1 주일에 32 달러이다. ⑤ 점심과 음료수는 각자 가져와야 한다.

16 18. 다음 글의 목적으로 가장 적절한 것은 ? (2014 년 고 1 3 월 학력평가 ) Good news for book lovers! Here’s a good website for all of you. It’s called Easy Books. Its service is very easy to use. You just look through the online catalog, select your books, and wait for them to arrive. The door­-to-­door delivery service is very convenient for people who don’t have time to go to the library. You can enjoy reading new books without stepping out of your home. Also the price is quite good. With only 10 dollars a month, you can borrow up to five books at a time. What’s better, you can keep the books as long as you want with no late fee. Join it, and you’ll love it. ① 신간 도서를 소개하려고 ② 전자책의 장점을 홍보하려고 ③ 도서 박람회 참가를 권유하려고 ④ 도서 대여 웹 사이트를 추천하려고 ⑤ 온라인 서점의 할인 행사를 알리려고

17 1. 준동사란 ? - 개념 : 동사가 약간의 변형을 통해 명사나 형용사, 부사처럼 쓰이게 하는 것 본래의 동사적인 성격은 그대로 지님 - 종류 :,,. 2. to 부정사 ▸ 형태 :. ▸ 역할 : 명사 ( 주어, 목적어, 보어 ), 형용사, 부사 ( 목적, 원인, 정도, 결과 등 ) 역할 ① In Korean society, to lose a house to live in means to lose a job. ② I need a vase to put these flowers in. ③ He used a bicycle to increase efficiency for his second windmill.

18 3. 동명사 ▸ 형태 :. ▸ 역할 : 명사 ( 주어, 목적어, 보어 ) 역할 ▸ 특징 : 성질 ➜ 목적어, 보어, 부사 ( 구 ) 와 같은 수식어 취함 성질 ➜ 주어, 보어, 동사와 전치사의 목적어 역할 ① Speaking English fluently is not difficulty. ② We enjoyed listening to classical music. ③ His job is making and repairing wooden things. ④ I'm sure of winning the game.

19 ** to 부정사와 동명사의 의미상의 차이 ➜ to 부정사는 ‘ 일시적 ( 구체적 ) 미래 ’ 의 의미를 동명사는 ‘ 지속적 ( 일반적 ) 과거 ’ 의 의미를 나타낸다. cf. To meet the president was an exciting experience. ( 구체적인 행위 ) Meeting a president is an exciting experience. ( 일반적인 경향 ) ** 목적어로 쓰이는 to 부정사와 동명사 1) to 부정사 ( 의미 ) 를 목적어로 취하는 동사 ➜ hope, want, expect, wish, decide, afford, choose, promise, refuse 등 2) 동사 ( 의미 ) 를 목적어로 취하는 동사 ➜ stop, finish, mind, avoid, escape, deny, consider 등 cf. Everyone who heard the story wanted [to congratulate / congratulating] this man, but he shied away from the media and avoided [filming / being filmed].

20 3) to 부정사와 동명사를 모두 목적어로 취하는 동사 ❶ like, love, hate, begin, start 등 : 어떤 형태의 목적어가 와도 의미가 비슷함 ❷ regret, remember, forget 등 : 뒤에 오는 목적어의 형태에 따라 의미가 달라짐 cf. ․ I remember/forget mailing the letter. ․ I remember/forget to mail the letter. ․ I regret to say that I am unable to help you. ․ I regret buying it. 4. 분사 ▸ 형태 : V-ing ( 현재분사 ) ➜ 의 의미 V-ed ( 과거분사 ) ➜ 의 의미 ▸ 역할 : 역할 ➜ 명사 수식, 주격 / 목적격 보어, 감정 표현 분사 역할 ➜ 분사구문 진행형 (v–ing/being v-ed), 완료형 (have v-ing/v-ed), 수동형 (be v-ed) 을 만듦.

21 ** 알아두면 유용한 분사의 형태 구분법 1) 명사를 수식하는 경우 ➜ 수식하는 명사와의 관계가 능동이면 로, 수동이면 로 쓰인다. many issues [surrounded / surrounding] people with disabilities some pictures [painted / painting] by his mother He got [annoyed / annoying] with me about my carelessness. 2) 목적격 보어로 사용된 경우 ➜ 목적어와의 관계가 능동이면 로, 수동이면 로 쓰인다. I find myself laughing at things that I used to take far too seriously. I found the window [broken / breaking]. Examine your thoughts, and you will find them [to occupy / occupied] with the past or the future. 3) 분사구문 ➜ 주절의 주어와의 관계가 능동이면 로, 수동이면 로 쓰인다. [Spending / Spent] an enormous amount of computing time, a robot might finally recognize the object as a table. [Taken / Taking] to the garage, my car was repaired within an hour.

22 5. 준동사의 동사적 특징 1) 뒤에,, 부사 ( 구 ) 와 같은 가질 수 있다. cf. There is also the possibility of damage your stuff, some of it valuable. 2) 를 나타낼 수 있다. cf. He is proud of [winning / having won] the prize last year. He seems to [be / have been] rich. Having finished lunch, we went shopping. 3) 를 만들 수 있다. cf. She hates disturbing others. She hates being disturbed. She likes to invite people home. She likes to be invited. 4) 의미상의 를 갖는다. cf. My mother doesn't like my[me] going to such a dangerous place. It was a mistake for him not to follow his mom's advice. Hearing her voice on the telephone, I knew who was calling. 5) 준동사의 부정 ➜ 주로 준동사 바로 에 not 을 넣는다.

23 1,2 번은 해석, 3-10 번은 밑줄 친 부분의 어법이 맞는지 / 괄호 안에서는 옳은 표현 고르기 1.A sense of nostalgia is communicated through the music selected for films such as American Graffiti and The Big Chill. (2014 년 6 월 35 번 ) 2.If the solar surface, not the center, were as hot as this, the radiation emitted into space would be so great that the whole Earth would be vaporized within a few minutes. (2014 년 6 월 36 번 ) 3.[Answer / Answering] this question in a new and unexpected way is the essential creative act. (2002 대수능 ) 4.[Asked / Asking] to recall what they had read, they remembered the description as being more positive than it was. (2011 년 6 월 ) 5.On January 10, 1992, a ship [traveled / traveling] through rough seas lost 12 cargo containers, one of which held 28,800 floating bath toys. (2012 대수능 )

24 6. However, if you are eating burgers and ice-cream to feel comforted, relaxed and happy, try to replace them with broccoli and carrot juice is like dealing with a leaky bathroom tap by repainting the kitchen. (2011 년 6 월 ) 7. The contests allowed his students to have fun while they practiced math and raised money. (2009 년 9 월 ) 8. Only three could read, and none could write, so at the end of my first day I felt quite [depressed / depressing] at the thought of the hard work ahead of me. (2007 년 9 월 ) 9. We’ve done everything we can [contain / to contain] costs without compromising quality. (2012 년 9 월 ) 10. Music can convey the scope of a film, effectively communicating whether the motion picture is an epic drama or a story that exists on a more personal scale. (2014 년 6 월 35 번 )


26 Lesson 2. Foods we like

27 Vocab Check-up Wheat Existence Date back to Imperial Yeast Clay The state of being present in the world To be recorded as discovered at certain time in history Related to an empire A fungus used for making bread rise Soil that is soft when it is wet and hard when it is dry, used for making cups, plates

28 Vocab Check-up Preserve Culinary Ingredient Dough Savory Go with To keep a situation from being changed or ended Relate to cooking and food Food item that is used to make dish Flour and water mixed with items Salty and not sweet To harmonize well with something

29 Comprehension Questions (p. 33) 1.How's its shape? 2.What is it made of? 3.Where did the name come from? 4.When was it made first? 5.Why does naan baked in a tandoor taste good? 6.What are its three culinary uses?

30 1. Pour the sauce over the pasta and serve immediately. 2. This dish will serve four hungry people. 3. Are you being served? 4. Most of their economic policies serve the interests of big business. 5. The sofa will serve as a bed for a night or two. 6. The attack was unsuccessful and served only to alert the enemy. 7. I wanted to work somewhere where I could serve the community. 제공하다, 차려주다 돌아가다 도와주다, 시중들다 도움이 되다, 기여하다 쓰이다 결과를 낳다 봉사하다, 복무하다

31 Vocab Check-up (p. 34-35) Chewy Cholesterol Originate Jewish Slice Leading Needing to be chewed a lot Substance that exists in the fat, tissues and blood of all animals, too much of which can cause heart diseases To start or be discovered for the first time Relating to Jews To cut something into thin pieces Main, most important or well known

32 Vocab Check-up (p. 34-35) Diameter Crispy Loaf Contain Ensure The length of a straight line that crosses a circle through the center Pleasantly hard on the outside One whole amount of bread To have something as a part To make certain that something takes place

33 Comprehension Questions (p. 34) 1.How does it look like? 2.What unique process of making a bagel? 3.How did this unique process change the bagel's taste and looking? 4.What made the bagels a healthy food? 5.How was the bagel made for the first time? 6.What does the name bagel mean? 7.What are the common ways to eat bagels?

34 Comprehension Questions (p. 35) 1.What is the baguette known as? 2.What is the shape and size of the baguette? 3.Why did the baguette become more common in 1920? 4.What are the ingredients of the French Baguette? 5.What action did the French take to make the baguette stay special?

35 Vocab Check-up (p. 36) Loopy Recognize Be associated with Monk Cracker By chance Assistant To one’s surprise Plain Consume Identity Have loops or twisted parts Able to be easily recognized To be linked or connected to A member of a religious community A biscuit that is very crisp and thin Happening accidentally A person hired to help another person do work Shockingly Not having a lot of things added To eat, drink or use something Qualities that make a person or thing what they are

36 Comprehension Questions (p. 36) 1.How do they look like? 2.Where did it come from? 3.How was their shapes made? 4.How did soft pretzels become hard like crackers? 5.What are the benefits of hard pretzels?

37 with + 목적어 + 목적보어 해석에도 중요하고 어법문제로도 중요하고 ! 초집중 !!! 1. 해석을 할 줄 알아야 한다 ! ➜ ( 목적어 ) 가 ( 목적보어 ) 한 상태로 ~ 2. 목적보어의 다양한 형태를 알아야 한다 !!!. ․ You should not speak with your mouth full. ➜ 형용사 ‧ He waved to me with a big smile on his face. ➜ 전치사구 ‧ She approached the desk with her heart beating wildly. ➜ 현재분사 ‧ She was listening to the music with her eyes closed. ➜ 과거분사 ‧ With the new rule taken effect in five months, concerns over non- English speaking players in the league are arising.

38 ▣ 5 형식 : S + V5 + O + O.C ( 불완전 타동사 ) 목적어와 동시에 목적어를 설명해 주는 목적 보어를 필요로 하는 동사 (make, elect, find, leave, call, name, keep, appoint etc.) 목적어와 목적격보어는 의미상 의 관계이다.(2 형식 ) 목적어와 목적격보어의 관계 : 능동관계이면 : 수동관계이면 S + V + O + O.C ( 목적격 보어 ) S + V + O + 명사, 대명사 : 목적어와 equal + 형용사 : 목적어의 상태 설명 + 부정사, 현재분사 : 목적어와의 관계 능동적 + 과거분사 : 목적어와의 관계 수동적

39 1. 목적보어의 종류와 목적어와의 관계 1) 명사, 대명사 ① 특징 : 목적어와 동일인, 동일물을 나타내며, 2 형식의 주어와 주격 명사보어 관계 ② 종류 : name, call, find, make, elect, appoint, consider ③ 예문 : They named their baby John. ( 그들은 그들의 아기를 John 이라고 불렀습니다.) ⇒ Their baby was John. (2 형식의 의미 ) 2) 형용사 ① 특징 : 목적어의 상태, 성질을 서술, 2 형식의 주어와 주격 형용사보어 관계 ② 종류 : keep, make, leave, paint ③ 예문 : I made him happy. ( 나는 그를 행복하게 했습니다.) ⇒ He was happy. (2 형식의 의미 )

40 3) 원형부정사 ① 특징 : 지각동사와 사역동사가 나올 때 쓰이며, 목적어가 의미상 주어 역할을 한다. ② 종류 : 지각동사 - feel, hear, see, smell, watch, observe 사역동사 - let, have, make, bid, help (bid 와 help 는 to 부정사도 가능 ) ③ 예문 : We felt the ship move. ( 배가 움직이는 능동관계 ) ( 우리는 배가 움직이는 것을 느꼈습니다.) She let us use the kitchen. ( 우리가 부엌을 사용하는 능동관계 ) ( 그녀는 우리가 주방을 사용하게 했습니다.)

41 4) to 부정사 ① 특징 : 목적어가 의미상 주어 역할을 한다. ② 종류 : want, advise, allow, ask, enable, encourage, forbid, expect, order, persuade, tell, force, cause, would like, urge, permit, teach, lead, require ③ 예문 : I want you to come here tomorrow. ( 나는 당신이 내일 여기에 오기 바랍니다.) He ordered me to do this work. ( 그는 나에게 이 작업을 하도록 명령했습니다.) He dared me to do better than he had done. GPS in our car enables us to pinpoint our destination. I expect you to be on time. He instructed them to be careful. I warned you not to drive too fast. I urged her to apply for the job.

42 5) 현재분사 ① 특징 : 지각동사는 원형부정사와 현재분사를 보어로 받는데, 원형부정사는 동작의 처음부터 끝까지의 사실을, 현재분사는 진행중의 동작을 나타내며 특정 순간 표시 부사구 필요. ② 예문 : I saw her cross the street. ( 건너는 사실 중시 ) ( 나는 그녀가 거리를 가로지르는 것을 보았습니다.) I saw the letter lying on the table this morning. ( 진행중의 동작 중시 ) ( 나는 오늘 아침에 보류 되고 있는 편지를 보았습니다.) 6) 과거분사 ① 특징 : 목적어와 수동관계이다. ② 예문 : I heard my name called. ( 나의 이름이 불리는 수동관계 ) ( 나는 나의 이름이 불리는 것을 들었습니다.)

43 2. 수여동사와 불완전 타동사의 비교 · I found her a good job. (her ≠ a good job) ( 나는 그녀에게 좋은 직업을 찾아주었습니다.) · I found her a good girl. (her = a good job) ( 나는 그녀가 좋은 소녀라고 알았습니다.) 3. 인식 동사 think, believe, suppose ( 가정하다.), imagine ( 상상하다.), know ① S + V5 + O + to be + 명사 (to be) + 형용사 ② 3 형식에서는 that 절을 목적어로 취한다. ex) I believe John to be a good student. ( 나는 John 이 좋은 학생이 된다고 생각합니다.) = I believe that John is a good student. (3 형식 )

44 4. 목적보어 앞에 as 를 수반하는 동사 : S + V5 + O + as + 명사 / 형용사 regard / think of / look (up)on (~ 라고 여기다.) refer to (~ 라고 부르다.) describe, define, acknowledge( 인정하다.) 5. 가목적어 - 진목적어 : 목적어가 to 부정사, 명사절일 경우는 가목적어 it 을 쓴다. find (think, make, believe) + it + 형용사 + to 부정사, 명사절 · He found to repair the car difficult. (X) · He found it difficult to repair the car. (O) ( 그는 차를 수리하는 것이 어렵다는 것을 알았습니다.) · I think it natural that he should get angry. (O) ( 나는 그것이 그가 화가 나야 하는 것은 당연하다라고 생각합니다.) cf) 명사가 수식어를 동반하여 길어지면 가목적어를 쓰지 않고 도치만 된다. · X-rays can make it visible details in our body. (x) · X-rays can make visible details in our body. (O)

45 6. 사역동사 ① Let (allow 의미 ) + 목적어 + 동사원형 / be p.p ex) He let me use his car. I will not let the papers be lost. ② Get (persuade 의미 )( 설득하다.) + 목적어 + to 부정사 / ~ing / p.p ex) I got him to repair my car. He get the clock going. I got my car repaired. ③ Have (order 의미 ) + 목적어 + 동사원형 / ~ing / p.p ex) I had him repair my car. He had us laughing all through the night. I had my hair cut. ④ Make (force 의미 ) + 목적어 + 동사원형 / p.p ex) He made me do it at once. You can make yourself understood in English.

46 7. 허락동사 allow, admit, permit ① 3 형식 : S + V + 동명사 ex) They don't allow smoking in the room. ② 5 형식 : S + V + O + to 부정사 ex) His parents won't allow him to come. cf.> "advise, allow, permit, forbid" 와 같은 동사는 주의해야 한다. * advise : She advised me to wait until tomorrow. (5 형식 ) : She advised my waiting until tomorrow. (3 형식 ) * allow : She allowed me to use her car. (5 형식 ) : She allowed my using her car. (3 형식 ) * forbid: She has forbidden him to smoke in her presence. (5 형식 ) : She has forbidden his smoking in her presence. (3 형식 ) * permit : The hospital doesn't permit people to smoke in the building. (5 형식 ) : The hospital doesn't permit smoking in the building. (3 형식 )

47 What was your most memorable family trip? Where did you go? - I went to Haeundae by myself last month. What activities did you do? -I went trekking from 동백섬 to 용궁사 along the sea shore. It takes me about four hours to finish and the distance reached more than 20 kilometers. How was it? -The view was great, weather was warm and the ocean was blue and clear so I felt really great. I really liked 송정 beach where I had a glass of sangria at a bar.


49 Think – Pair – Share Think of your own memorable trip for 1 minute. Talk about your memory to your partner for 2 minutes. Share your partner’s experience with your classmates.

50 Lesson 3. 3eg After watching this video clip, tell me your best attraction among those places and why you chose it.

51 Vocab Check-up suggest architecture show off airline manage to get the most out of attraction tourism authority itinerary to offer an idea the style or design of a building to show people abilities, possessions, etc. a company that takes passengers and goods by plane to be able to do something that needs a lot of efforts to use something in the best possible way an interesting or enjoyable place to go the industry of providing services for travelers an official organization that has the power to control sth a plan for a trip

52 Comprehension Questions (p. 52) 1.Why was Taiwan chosen as the family’s travel destination? Find all the reasons in the paragraph and underline them on your book.

53 분사구문 ( 접속사 유지 ) ◎ 분사 구문이 도대체 뭐야 ? 접속사 +S+V 의 부사절 → 분사가 이끄는 부사구로 간결하게 나타낸 구문 분사구문, 어떻게 만드는 거지 ? 접속사 +S+V 에서 1. 생략 ( 간혹 생략 않기도 ) 2. 부사절과 주절의 주어가 동일하면 주어 생략 → 주어가 다르면 ??? 3. 남은 동사 → 로 변환 (being 은 보통 생략 ) 4. 분사구문의 부정 : 분사 앞에 not 을 붙임 ◎ 분사구문의 여러 가지 의미 * 때 : ~ 할 때, ~ 하는 동안 * 동시동작 : ~ 하면서 동시에 * 연속상황 : ~ 하고 나서 바로 * 원인․이유 : ~ 이므로 * 조건 : 만약 ~ 라면 * 양보 : ~ 할지라도

54 Q. 괄호 안에서 어법상 적절한 것은 ? 1.They turn and loosen the soil, [left / leaving] it in the best condition for farming. 2.[Making / Having made] that mistake once, I shall not make it again. Q. 밑줄 친 표현이 어법상 적절한 지 확인하시오. 3. These fierce radicals, built into life as both protectors and avengers, are potent agents of aging. (2014 대수능 27 번 ) 4. Being such a fine day, we decided to have a picnic by the river.

55 Q. 분사구문에 유의해 해석해 봅시다 ~ Music can convey the scope of a film, effectively communicating whether the motion picture is an epic drama or a story that exists on a more personal scale. (2014 년 6 월 35 번 ) Parents often believe that they are providing help to their children when they constantly correct and criticize them, assuming that they will grow from these remarks. (2014 년 6 월 39 번 ) Placing honey on slips of paper of different shades, he found that the insects which visited them seemed to have a marked preference for blue, after which came white, yellow, red, green and orange. (2014 년 9 월 33 번 )

56 Comprehension Questions (p. 53) 1.What did the writer’s parents ask the writer to do? 2.In what order did the writer make plans for the trip? 3.What did the writer consider most when making a schedule? 4.Where did the writer get help from?

57 도치 : 문장의 일부가 주어 앞으로 나옴으로 인해서 주어 + 동사의 어순이 아니라 의 어순이 되는 것 1) 가 문장 앞으로 나왔을 때 I little dreamed that he was here. ➜ Little that he was here. Never [we have seen / have we seen] such a wonderful sight. Not until this morning [he knew / did he know] the fact. 2) 부사 가 끌고 있는 어구가 문장 앞으로 나왔을 때 Only by making a hole in the wall, climbing through and looking at the wall from the other side can any real consensus be reached. 3) 의 부사 ( 구 ) 가 문장 앞으로 나왔을 때 Behind the words [is / are] an energetic impact that can leave a dent on a physical level. 4) 가 문장 앞으로 나왔을 때 Blessed [is / are] the poor in spirit. Fundamental to most moral approaches is the idea that human life has a special dignity and value that is worth preserving even at the expense of self- interest.

58 There is a serious problem with this view. Behind virtually all criticism is the sentence “If only you were more like me, and living life as I see it, you would be a lot better off.” (2014 년 6 월 39 번 ) Rarely [is / are] a computer more sensitive and accurate than a human in managing the same geographical or environmental factors. (2010 대수능 22 번 ) Only in terms of the physics of image formation do the eye and camera have anything in common. (2013 대수능 26 번 )

59 Vocab Check-up (p. 54-55) pendulum earthquake wonder province accent formation attract surface be covered with graffiti firmly a thin bar with a weight at the end that swings a shaking of the ground something that makes people feel surprised and amazed one of many areas that some countries are divided into a distinctive way of saying words that shows where someone comes from the process during which sth develops over time to get the attraction of someone or something the top layer or outer part of something to have the whole top layer filled in with pictures or words that are drawn on walls strongly or harshly

60 Comprehension Questions (p. 54) 1.What made the writer feel different from home? 2.Why is there a large pendulum at the top? 3.What did the writer do there?

61 mwMmo

62 Comprehension Questions (p. 55) 1.Where did the writer visit? 2.How did the writer get there? What happened on the way to get there? 3.What is Yehliu Geopark known for? 4.How is the particular rock named the ‘Queen’s Head’?

63 Recall what we have learned on page 54 and 55. Based on what you remember, summarize what the writer’s family did at the Yehliu Geopark. F8A ukPIp3o

64 so ~ that 에 관한 모든 것 ․ Sports became so complex for him that he forgot how to enjoy himself. ➜ 너무 ~ 해서 … 하다 (2014 년 6 월 30 번 ) ․ There was snow everywhere, so that the shape of things was difficult to identify. ➜ so that 앞에 콤마가 있다 ? 그럼 대개의 경우 ‘ 그래서 ( 결과 )’ 로 해석. ․ Explain it so that a 10-year-old child can understand it. ➜ so that 앞에 콤마 없는 경우 대부분 ‘~ 하기 위해서 / ~ 하도록 ( 목적 )’ cf. Cars parked half on the narrow sidewalks so that you had to step in the road. ➜ 여기에서는 so that 이 콤마가 앞에 없지만 결과의 의미로 해석 - In reality, the crew members had been assigned randomly so that the two test groups were equal in ability. (2014 년 9 월 36 번 )

65 So + V + S 해석 : ( ) 유의 사항 : 1. 어순 유의 !!! 동사 뒤에 주어가 있다 ! 에 실수 않도록 !!! 2. 이때 V 는 앞에서 언급한 내용이 일반동사이면 ( ) be 동사이면 로 받기 ! ‧ A: He speaks French. B: So I. (= I speak French, too ➜ speak French 를 나타내야 하니까 !) ‧ I was tired and so the others. ( 주어가 the others 니까 수일치 유의 !) ‧ The sound of your breathing is quite prominent; so [is / do] the temperature. ‧ Also, as our incomes and material standards rise, so [is / do] our expected achievements. ‧ I’m a completely different person and so do you. So + S + V cf. A : Tom likes pop very much. B : So he does. ➜ 해석 : 주어는 정말 그렇다. ( 앞서 말한 사람의 내용에 동의 )

66 Vocab Check-up (p. 56) vendor stew kebab custom take care of confident accomplish A person who sells goods, usually on the street A thick type of soup that often includes vegetables and meat A way of behaving that is usual or traditional To do the necessary things to deal with a situation Feeling sure about one’s own abilities To complete a task that one has set out to finish

67 Comprehension Questions (p. 56) 1.What made this trip so special to the writer? 2.If you had a chance to plan a trip by yourself for your family, where would you like to go, and why?

68 Pair Work Make a group of two. Write a short narration to introduce this video clip using the expressions from the textbook. The best team will get a prize. UeqY

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