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영어과 하계 연수 과제 전자 학습 지도안 1학년.

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1 영어과 하계 연수 과제 전자 학습 지도안 1학년

2 태(Voice) 1.수동태의 용법 2.수동태의 시제 3.문장의 형식과 수동태 4.문장의 종류와 수동태
5.by이외의 전치사를 쓰는 경우 6.수동의미의 수동태

3 1.수동태의 용법 ⑴행위자가 불분명할 때 ⑵행위자가 일반인일 때 ⑶구문상 필요할 때 ⑷행위자를 밝히고 싶지 않을 때
He's certainly been murdered. ⑵행위자가 일반인일 때 This book can be obtained from the public library ⑶구문상 필요할 때 His best friend was killed by a bomb, which exploded under his car. ⑷행위자를 밝히고 싶지 않을 때 The original has been destroyed.

4 2.수동태의 시제 ⑴단순수동태(be pp) ⑵완료수동태(have been pp) ⑶진행수동태(be being pp)
The shell of an egg is easily broken. ⑵완료수동태(have been pp) All flights have been canceled owing to fog. ⑶진행수동태(be being pp) You are being asked for on the telephone.

5 3.문장의 형식과 수동태 ⑴ S+V+O형 ⑵ S+V+IO+DO A stone broke the window.
⇒The window ( ) by a stone. ⑵ S+V+IO+DO Jim gave me a book. ⇒I ( ) a book by Jim. ⇒A book ( )(to) me by Jim. was broken was given was given

6 (3)S+V+O+OC I saw her play the piano. ⇒She ( ) to play the piano by me. (4)동사구의 수동태 They took good care of his books. ⇒Good care ( )his books. ⇒His books ( ) good care ( ). was seen was taken of of was taken

7 4.문장의 종류와 수동태 ⑴명령문의 수동태(let +O +be + pp) ⇒Let the hot pot be touched.
Don't touch the hot pot. ⇒Let the hot pot be touched. ⇒Don't let the hot pot be touched. ⑵의문문의 수동태 Who opened the letter? ⇒Who(m) was the letter opened by? ⇒By whom was the letter opened?

8 5.by이외의 전치사 쓸 때 (1)We were all surprised ( )the news.
(2)The room was filled ( ) thick smoke. ex: be interested in, be involved in, be delighted with, be satisfied with, be surrounded with, be covered with, be amazed at, be amused at(by), be frightened at(by), be married to at with

9 6.수동의미의 능동태 : 중간동사의 경우 (1) These clothes wash well.
(2) This surface cleans easily. (3) This book sells well.

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