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Medical Administration

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1 Medical Administration
Listening Part II Professor Hwang Medical Administration Youngsan University

2 Main-verb (excluding be) : 문장의 의미 중심을 이루는 일반동사
Interrogatives 1 Statement Subject Verb ~ ~ ~ . Interrogatives Verb Subject ~ ~ ~ ? Main-verb : Be-Verb Auxiliary Verb: Be (진행, 수동), Have (완료), Modals (will, can, may, must …) 2 Statement Subject Verb ~ ~ ~ . Interrogatives Do-Verb Subject Verb® ~ ~ ~ ? Main-verb (excluding be) : 문장의 의미 중심을 이루는 일반동사

3 Interrogatives 1. Yes/No 의문문: 사실의 진위 / Yes나 No로 대답할 수 있다
조동사나 Be-verb로 의문문 시작 2. 의문사 의문문: 구체적 정보 / Yes나 No로 대답하지 못한다 Wh-word로 의문문 시작 3. 부정 의문문: Aren’t you ~? / Don’t you ~? 일반 Yes/No 의문문의 대답과 같다. 4. 선택 의문문: A or B ? / 대체로 A나 B 중 하나가 답 5. 부가 의문문: He is kind, isn’t he? / 주로 동의를 구한다. 6. 평서문 형태: 정보 전달, 제안, 의견 등 Let’s ~ / I can give you a ride. / That was an excellent presentation. 7. 질문이 아닌 관용적 표현: 조언, 요청, 부탁, 의견, 제안 Why don’t you ~? / How about ~? / May I ~? / Would you ~?

4 Listening Part 2: 의문사 What
(무엇, 어떤) 형태와 의미 What + Aux + 주어 + 본동사 ~? : 행위나 의견 or 명사 답 What + *명사 + Aux + 주어 + 본동사 ~? : *명사의 종류 선택 질문 & 1. 명사 : 사물, 직업 등의 명사의 답을 묻는다. What do you do for a living? – I’m a secretary. What is he working on? – He’s working on a report. 2. 행위나 의견, 문제 (문장을 답으로 요구) What are you going to do? – I’m going to visit him. What’s wrong with this copy machine? – It’s out of order. 3. 종류나 유형 선택 What kind of bag do you want? – Something small.

5 Listening Part 2: 의문사 Who
(누구, 직책) 형태와 의미 Who(m) + Aux + 주어 + 본동사 ~? / Who + 동사구 ~? 회사명, 부서명, 직책명 / 이름, 관계 (가족, 친구 질문 & 1. 신분, 직책 Who made this delicious pasta? - My husband did. Who did you visit in Seoul? - My supervisor. 2. 인명, 관계 Who’s in charge of marketing? Brian. Who called this morning? - Mr. Alex and Ms. Kate. Who is that man? His uncle.

6 Listening Part 2: 의문사 When
(언제) 형태와 의미 When + *Aux + 주어 + 본동사 ~? *Aux의 시제에 주의 특정 시점 (시간, 날짜, 요일 등)이나 시기 / 빈도 불확실한 대답: sometime / not until / within / after / as soon as / while / during 1. 과거 When did you speak with Tiffany? - A month ago. 2. 현재 When is the meeting supposed to begin? - Within 30 minutes. When do you leave for Japan? - As soon as possible. 3. 미래 When will your flight depart? - Tomorrow morning.

7 Listening Part 2: What, Who, When
TOEIC Practice (Wake-Up p. 30) 1. What are they doing? (B) They are talking. 2. Who is the man with Clara? (A) Oh, that’s her brother, Marty. 3. When will you start your new job? (A) Next Monday. 4. What time are we meeting James? (A) At six, in the lobby. 5. Who will take over Mr. Boyd’s place? (B) It hasn’t been announced yet. 6. When is your math test? (B) At 2 o’clock. 7. Who’s going to lead the tour? (B) Mr. Kevin will. 8. When did you get back from Australia? (C) Three days ago.

8 Listening Part 2: 의문사 Where
(장소, 출처) 형태와 의미 Where + Aux + 주어 + 본동사 ~? 특정 장소, 지명, 위치, 출처, 방향 * 장소의 부사구(전치사구) : On the 3rd floor / at the bank 질문 & 1. 장소 / 지명 Where is the meeting being held? - In the conference room. Where are you working now? – At the public library. 2. 방향 Where is the parking lot? – Right over there. 3. 출처 Where can I get a financial report? – From Daniel.

9 Listening Part 2: 의문사 Why
(장소, 출처) 형태와 의미 이유 Why + *Aux + 주어 + 본동사 ~? 권유, 제안 Why don’t you/we~? 질문 & 1. 이유 / 원인: for + 명사, to 부정사, because + 절 2. 변명: no chance, busy, out of town, on business trip Why are you so late? Sorry, I had a car accident. Why did you cancel the flight – Because meeting was canceled. Why is that door open? – It’s really hot in here. 3. 권유 / 제안: sounds great!, good! Why don’t you take a taxi? – Sounds great.

10 Listening Part 2: 의문사 How
(어떻게, 정도) 형태와 의미 상태/방법 How + Aux + 주어 + 본동사 ~? 정도 How + 형용사/부사 ~ ? * How many (수), How much (양, 가격), How far (거리), How long (기간), How often (횟수) 질문 & 1. 상태 How do you like the new house? - It’s much more spacious. 2. 방법 How do I get information? - You have to become a member. 3. How + 형용사 / 부사 How long have been here? - For almost 5 years. How often do you visit the branch office? – Two times a week.

11 Listening Part 2: 의문사 Where, Why, How
TOEIC Practice! (Wake-Up p. 38) 1. Where do you live ? A) I live in New York. 2. Why is it so hot in here? B) The air conditioner is not working. 3. How do I get to the subway station? -- C) If you want, I can show you the way. 4. Where did you go? B) I went to the hospital. 5. How long will it take to get there? -- A) One hour. 6. Where will the meeting be held? C) In the conference room. 7. Why didn’t you go to the store? C) I was too busy. 8. How many students are there in your class? C) There are about 30.

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