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Who, what, how to 부정사 “ 의문사와 to 부정사 ” 의 결합으로 사용되는 여러가지 용법을 이해하고, 올바르게 사용한다.

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Presentation on theme: "Who, what, how to 부정사 “ 의문사와 to 부정사 ” 의 결합으로 사용되는 여러가지 용법을 이해하고, 올바르게 사용한다."— Presentation transcript:

1 Who, what, how to 부정사 “ 의문사와 to 부정사 ” 의 결합으로 사용되는 여러가지 용법을 이해하고, 올바르게 사용한다.

2 일종의 간접의문문 “ 의문사 + to 부정사 ” 구문은 일종의 간접의문 문이다. 이런 구문으로 사용되는 의문사에는 who, what, how, where 등이 있다.  ( 보통 why 는 이런 식으로 사용하지 않는다.) 이런 구문은 ‘obligation’ 이나 ‘possibility’ 에 관 련된 생각을 제시할 때 사용된다.

3 예문과 함께 보기 Show me what to do. I wonder who to invite. (…=who I should invite.) Can you tell me how to get to the station?(=…how I can get to the station?) I don’t know where to put the car. Tell me when to pay. I can’t decide whether to answer her letter.

4 “ 의문사 + to 부정사 ” 의 다른 용법 - Titles 주로 How to…, What to… 등은 종종 책이나 안내장, 설명서 등의 제목으로 사용됩니다.  How To Improve Your Pronunciation  What To Do If Fire Breaks Out

5 P24. B 주어진 말 중 알맞은 것 골라 대화 완성 how/change what/do what/wear how/get 1. A: Can you tell me ___________________ to the City Hall? B: Yes, Go down this road and turn left. 2. A: have you decided __________________ to the party? B: Yes, I’m going to wear my new blue dress. 3. A: Can you show me __________________ the film in this camera? B: Sure. It’s easy. 4. A: What did you do when she began to cry? B: I didn’t know ____________________, so I just stood there.

6 그냥 읽어보거나, 여러 번 들어보기 I don't know what to do when you are like this!‘ " We don't know what to say. " I didn't know what to feel, what to permit myself to feel. the authorities in Minnesota say it is hard to know even what to investigate. Taiwan doesn't know what to tell him. it is difficult to decide what to do, " she says. They're making their own decisions about what to grow and how to grow it. " " Participants learn where to look and what to look for. “ a young girl is packing to go away; she is deciding what to take and what to leave behind. Learning strategies means to know what to learn and how to learn and to form and direct one's own learning

7 Before letting your child access a site, discuss how to be a good online friend you should simply make the effort to think creatively about how to spend your time together The space itself provides clues to teenagers and other social groups on how to behave when Aleqa Hailu already knew how to paint You should write a book about how to write, my wife said in June of 1974 I don't know how to explain it Amatis knew nothing about how to achieve this objective

8 she knew when to stop, … How do you know when to send them and when to keep them? an innate sense of when to talk and when to keep still You'll know when to get out the game sometimes the best you could do was know when to quit. It's knowing when to say something and knowing when not to I decided when to have a party " Know when to fight, " Ambu once again has to calculate when to arrive and where to sit so as not to appear isolated.

Download ppt "Who, what, how to 부정사 “ 의문사와 to 부정사 ” 의 결합으로 사용되는 여러가지 용법을 이해하고, 올바르게 사용한다."

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